Deformity correction – gentle operative treatments for the ankle

There are many people who, even at a young age, are experiencing and dealing with ankle deformities. This type of condition, if undetected or left untreated, can lead to excessive cartilage wear and tear. Deformity correcting surgery can prevent this further damage and provide the patient with pain relief.

This type of surgery should be carefully considered in the case of young patients. The ankle is important for a variety of movements, and procedures such as a joint fusion are not particularly desirable, even if they succeed in relieving the patient’s pain. Any deterioration in the patient’s quality of life is not the goal.

Deformity corrections

Since a prosthetic implant at a young age is not desirable, surgeons invented a new form of surgery: deformity correction not only relieves pain but leaves the foot and ankle in the proper position for maximum mobility. Thus, further deterioration of the affected joint is avoided and the progression of cartilage damage is prevented. Ankle surgery of this type is considered to be very gentle.


In principle, deformity correction can treat almost any type of condition and prevent further damage. This surgery is particularly useful for the following conditions:

How the surgery will be completed is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on the type of misalignment. Your orthopaedic surgeon will inform you of all the details.

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