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Sports orthopaedics

You are looking for an experienced sports physician? At the OrthoCenter Professor Lill in Munich you receive comprehensive support and can be sure to deal with specialists at all times. Professor Lill is an expert in the field of sports medicine and sports orthopaedics – he can assist you in achieving your personal best. Insufficient activity has many detrimental effects such as an accelerated aging process and impaired movement. This may also lead to various disorders such as high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes. But even those who exercise on a regular basis are not free from the risk of health problems, as there is always the danger of sports injuries.

Your advantages at OrthoCenter Munich

  • Orthopedic treatment focus on spinetherapy
  • Wide range of conservative and operative procedures
  • Gentle procedures in focus: Dr. Riedel specializes in gentle pain therapy. He was head physician in various pain clinics for over 20 years
  • Joints and surgical expert: Prof. Dr. Lill specializes in the treatment of joints. He has years of experience in the field of minimally invasiveand arthroscopic ops.
  • Cooperation with clinics and research institutes worldwide
  • Renowned private practice: the OrthoCenter is internationally known and repeatedly welcomes patients from abroad who come to Munich for treatment

Professional medical treatment for competitive athletes

Your sports med centre in Munich addresses the interaction of body functions and the efficiency of the body during various sports activities and the avoidance and treatment of sports injuries. Many top athletes can be found on the patients list of the OrthoCenter Professor Lill, for instance, Russian track and field athlete Tatyana Tschernova, who has won several world championships. In addition, a large number of athletes from various high-performance sport squads are delighted with the medical performance at the OrthoCenter Professor Lill.

Years of experience in the field of sports medicine

Professor Lill is especially renowned for his great commitment – that is what makes him stand out from other sports physicians. During his time as a doctor at the Olympic base in Heidelberg, he gained a lot of experience treating athletes from a variety of sports. Moreover, he once was a competitive athlete himself, thus he knows the needs of top athletes and how to treat them. The importance of sports activities grows with advancing age. Today’s seniors often practice sports – even high-risk competitive ones. However, time constraints often mean that people have little opportunity to indulge in sports and an individual’s physical fitness and training may not always live up to their high ambitions. This imbalance between the strain on the body and its natural resilience may sometimes result in severe sports injuries.

Sports medical focal points at the OrthoCenter Professor Lill in Munich

The most common sports injuries include muscle strains and joint injuries, which can often be treated with the application of conservative therapies at the sports medicine centre in Munich. In other less common cases – such as injury to the knee joint or the meniscus – a surgical procedure may prove necessary. General all-round health is an important prerequisite for sports activities. As well as the surgical treatment of severe sports injuries, your sports medicine centre in Munich provides a general sports med check-up and expert consultation for your favourite sport. These preventive actions, in addition to following a healthy balanced diet, can help to avoid sports injuries, inflammation and various disorders which may emerge during your favourite sports activities. If you decide to take your injury to the OrthoCenter Professor Lill, the treatment includes a comprehensive pre-examination. In the course of this examination your loco-motor system is tested regarding its performance during sport activities. The therapy mainly focuses on the treatment of sports injuries and the prevention of lasting damages. However, prevention itself plays a major role too. The team at the OrthoCenter Professor Lill will teach you how to prevent sports injuries. All tips, as well as the treatment itself, are adapted to your sport of choice and your individual needs.

Prof. Dr. Lill OrthoCenter München

Your specialist Prof. Dr. Lill


Are you interested in sports medical or a sports orthopaedic therapy at the OrthoCenter Professor Lill? Contact our experienced team of doctors in Munich! They are looking forward to counselling you.



Unsere Fachärzte für Orthopädie sind Mitglieder in den folgenden Gesellschaften und Organisationen. Ziel dieser Gesellschaften ist eine optimale Vernetzung der Fachärzte und der Wissenstransfer – so halten wir unser Know-How stets auf dem neuesten Stand.

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Unsere Fachärzte für Orthopädie sind Mitglieder in den folgenden Gesellschaften und Organisationen. Ziel dieser Gesellschaften ist eine optimale Vernetzung der Fachärzte und der Wissenstransfer – so halten wir unser Know-How stets auf dem neuesten Stand.

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