Microscopic foraminotomy at OrthoCenter in Munich

Quickly return through little effort to your old power!

If the conservative treatment measures in the present narrowing of the nerve exit channel in the region of the cervical spine show no positive effect and the quality of life thereby significantly limited, minimally invasive surgical enlargement of the nerve exit channel (foraminotomy) should be sought.

As a specialist in the field of the foraminotomy you will be attended by Professor Dr. med. Lill and his team during the treatment and rehabilitation!

Microscopic foraminotomy: Diagnosis

The goal of the microscopic decompression of the rear extension of the nerve with the outlet channel resulting from this relieving of the mechanically restricted nerve root. By using a high-resolution three-dimensional surgical microscope the optimum illumination of the surgical field on the one hand maintain, on the other hand scored. The oppressive bony structures can be removed with millimeter precision while maintaining the stability of the spine. This high precision of surgical operation is ensured.

Microscopic foraminotomy: Treatment

At the same time the surgical trauma can be kept extremely low because of the small operating access. Isolated open operations on spinal canal are today thus no longer appropriate.
With this minimally invasive procedure the surrounding structures are protected and reduces the risk of structural injury of nerve tissue to a minimum. Thereby, the operation time is reduced, aswell as the length of hospital stay and convalescence. The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 60 minutes. Already after a few hours is first started mobilizing with assistance.

Microscopic foraminotomy: Rehabilitation

In the first four weeks after the surgical intervention, we recommend physical indulgence. This includes wearing a specially adapted soft cervical collar, which relieves the neck and supports the healing. Targeted physiotherapy treatment should be needed in the aftermath, if necessary, physical measures in the treatment of muscle tension can be performed concomitantly. This guarantees that you are able to promptly take the usual activities at work and play again. Depending on the physical load, the working capacity is six to eight weeks made after surgical intervention again.

As an expert in the field of the extension of the nerve exit channel (foraminotomy) Professor Dr. med. Lill can help you to cause a fast improvement of the quality of your life. Arrange an appointment at his clinic in Munich.