From removal of the synovial membrane to inter-carpal stiffening

Rheumatic surgery performed on the hand can aid in preventing a disease from progressing. In addition, effects of rheumatism can be surgically treated, offering patients better quality of life, full mobility and pain-free use of their hands.

Synovial membrane removal (synovectomy), tendon transfers and partial joint fusion techniques (radio-lunate and inter-carpal) are all common methods used to ensure full functionality and pain-free use of the affected hand. You are in good hands at Professor Lill’s specialist orthopaedic clinic in Munich.


Synovectomy describes the removal of diseased sections of synovial membrane that can be caused by rheumatism. The surgical procedure performed is usually preventative in that it hinders the disease from advancing and stops the pain from getting worse. As part of this minimally invasive procedure, diseased tissue is removed. This surgical method is effective in preventing rheumatism and is particularly gentle thanks to the small incisions used.


If the disease is already quite advanced, reconstructive surgery may be necessary. A tendon transfer is useful in cases where all other methods have been exhausted. A partial joint fusion of the hand – radio-lunate or inter-carpal – can help to relieve pain. However, the joint fusion can have major effects on a patient’s life, therefore pros and cons need to be carefully examined with professional help.

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