Effective treatments for a torn meniscus

The meniscus is a cartilaginous disc located in the knee joint and is in the shape of a crescent moon. Too much force on the meniscus, especially rotational forces, can cause a tear to form. This type of meniscus injury can be treated surgically with positive results.

Meniscal injuries and in particular a meniscal tear are frequent consequences of excessive knee strain, which can occur, for example, while skiing or playing football. Strain that occurs over many years can also lead to the gradual development of a meniscal injury and cause a tear. In general, the medial meniscus is involved. The lateral meniscus has more mobility and is therefore less frequently damaged. A meniscus tear will usually cause severe pain coupled with visible swelling. The tear can also be accompanied by cartilage and ligament damage. Depending on the nature and extent of the meniscus injury, different treatment methods will be used. These will all fall within the context of arthroscopic knee surgery, meaning a comfortable and gentle procedure for the patient.

Surgical treatment

First, your orthopaedic specialist will examine the extent of the damage. The detailed diagnosis gives information about whether a partial meniscectomy or a meniscal fixation should take place. All of the surgical operations will be performed arthroscopically, meaning that only small incisions will be made, through which the surgical instruments are inserted. The healing time is therefore considerably shorter and the surgical scars are almost invisible. At the latest, you should be able to put full weight on your knee again two months after surgery.

Specialist medical treatment

The best course of treatment for a meniscal injury or tear is dependent on many factors, including the extent of damage to the cartilage disc in the knee joint. An accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure that the correct course of treatment is decided upon.

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