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Prof. Lill MD, PHD

OrthoCenter Prof. Lill mainly specialises in arthroscopy and minimally invasive joint surgery. Prof. Christoph Lill MD, PHD is an internationally renowned specialist in innovative arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive joint replacement, foot operations and orthopaedic stem cell therapy. Together with his team of specialists, he will make sure your joint pain becomes a thing of the past. More information


Oliver Oetke MD

OrthoCenter Prof. Lill also specialises in conservative and surgical spinal therapy. As an expert in minimally invasive, function-preserving and reconstructive spinal surgery and in special, minimally invasive pain therapy for the spine, Oetke MD uses his experience in the field of spinal surgery – spanning over a decade – to the benefit of patients. More information

Pediatric Orthopedics

Prof. Utzschneider MD

For the smallest patients, Prof. Utzschneider MD is the OrthoCenter Prof. Lill’s competent and compassionate point of contact. The knowledge base of the renowned orthopaedic specialist and children’s orthopaedic expert, covering the entire spectrum of conservative and surgical paediatric orthopaedics, neuroorthopaedics and hip ultrasound screening, plus her specialist knowledge of arthroscopy and minimally invasive procedures for growing children mean the OrthoCenter Prof. Lill can provide the highest level of care even for the little ones. More information

OrthoCenter Professor Lill in Munich

The OrthoCenter Professor Lill in Munich is the center for arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive joint replacement, foot and ankle surgery and spine surgery. The OrthoCenter Professor Lill will advise his patient from consultation and diagnosis of a possible operation to follow-up personally. This individual consultation and his surgical expertise and experience have made him far beyond the borders of Germany to a recognized specialist. Professor Lill has many years of experience with over 10,000 successfully completed orthopedic surgery. International athletes and celebrities from around the world trust his medical expertise and excellent service at the OrthoCenter Professor Lill in Munich.   Prof. Christoph Lill MD, PHD »   Oliver Oetke MD »   Prof. Sandra Utzschneider MD »   See more videos»

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Discover our services per click!

Discover our services per click!