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Individuality is the most important thing to us

Each patient has an individual constitution, every person is unique. In order to guarantee every one the optimal treatment, three things have to come together: 

Experience. Innovation. Recovery.



You need an experienced specialist. The experience of a physician but only comes to bear if he takes enough time for each individual patient. Each patient of the OrthoCenter Professor Lill enjoys before, during and after treatment personally intensive supervision by Professor Lill. This is extremely important already at the diagnosis. That is the only way to ensure that the correct approach is taken.


With modern surgical techniques and the latest medical technology we can now make interventions without stressing your body unnecessarily. We carry whenever possible, minimally invasive treatment methods and often require only tiny incisions, to go to the trouble spot. Professor Lill has not only many years of surgical experience, but also has itself evolved Heidelberg methods and their application to the Chair of the University. This includes therapy with adult stem cells, with the self desperate patients can make again hope for improvement in almost hopeless situation.


At the associated hospitals of the OrthoCenter, each patient is accommodated according to their wishes and needs, if surgery requires a hospital stay. The spectrum ranges from modern and inexpensive to luxurious accommodation on one level, 5-star hotels. The uncompromising hygiene conditions in our partner hospitals ensure that your body can focus all his energy on healing and not have to deal with unnecessary and dangerous infections.

Our Center

The OrthoCenter Professor Lill is ideally located in the heart of Munich, easily accessible by road, rail and airport. The contemporary designed rooms invite you to relax.

In a quiet and charming atmosphere, you can switch off from everyday life and devote yourself fully to the treatment. With the latest medical technology, a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment is possible.

There is a direct connection to ultra-modern hospitals, so that patients can be treated cost-optimal even when necessitated hospital admission and intensive supervision by Professor Lill is possible in person during the hospitalization. The hygiene standards of the entire medical center meet the ideal conditions. Thus, all rooms free of MRSA and similar dangerous viruses and microorganisms.

To make your stay as convenient as possible, we offer you our free wifi to organize your meetings, read your emails and schedule your appointments.

In our practice, patients close encounters individual advice and cutting-edge therapies!


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Our Partners

Iatros Clinic

Cutting edge technology combined with competent staff!

The core of the Iatros Clinic is a team of experienced anesthesiologists that provides a center for outpatient surgery and has been available since October 1993 operational-working colleagues and their patients.

Since October 2005 its in the new modern designed rooms in the Nymphenburgerstraße 1. Here Private patients are offered a modern clinic atmosphere on a 10-bed ward. It is equipped at the highest modern standard and has a friendly, helpful staff, qualified nurses, spacious operating rooms and excellent hygiene standard with air conditioning, clean air filter and laminar air flow (Certified Quality: DIN EN ISO 9001 certificates + B. Braun Hygiene Certificate).

The clinic provides a human-friendly atmosphere, the highest possible safety during anesthesia, the forefront of monitoring, thoughtful care in the recovery room. Special consideration is given to children. You may also be cared for in the induction and recovery from their parents. In preparation for this week educating patients about the best for them and most gentle anesthetic procedures. Find out more »

Rehabilitation clinic Armona

The Armona Medical Alpine Resort is a private clinic for orthopedics.

We are specialized in the complex diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to simple follow-up treatment after endoprosthetic surgery of the large joints and spinal surgery includes the treatment of rheumatic diseases and pain disorders on the back.

The clinic area is spacious and adapted to the style of the whole house. The equipment is at the cutting edge of science and medical technology. All areas are directly connected with each other, so that everything can be reached in the shortest and most convenient way. The professional Armona team guarantees you professional and loving-hearted medical and nursing care.

NUse the time between the medical therapies and enjoy the soothing atmosphere in the SPA area of the Armona Medical Alpine Resort. Relax in our Finnish panorama sauna with a view of the Thiersee valley, take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere of our hamam. or take the time for the steam or infrared cabin. Find out more »


Unsere Fachärzte für Orthopädie sind Mitglieder in den folgenden Gesellschaften und Organisationen. Ziel dieser Gesellschaften ist eine optimale Vernetzung der Fachärzte und der Wissenstransfer – so halten wir unser Know-How stets auf dem neuesten Stand.

Gesellschaften & Organisationen


Unsere Fachärzte für Orthopädie sind Mitglieder in den folgenden Gesellschaften und Organisationen. Ziel dieser Gesellschaften ist eine optimale Vernetzung der Fachärzte und der Wissenstransfer – so halten wir unser Know-How stets auf dem neuesten Stand.

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