Surgical treatment of severe mid-foot pain

Morton’s neuroma is known to cause severe pain in the mid-foot bones or ‘metatarsals’. Small nodules of nerves cause pain, especially when on long walks, which is often unbearable. Surgery is the only way to remove the source of this pain. Conservative methods of treatment, such as injections and the use of anaesthetic agents or special shoe inserts, can only provide temporary relief from pain. Removal of nerve nodules in cases of Morton’s neuroma is highly recommended and will make the patient’s daily life much better. Morton’s neuroma surgery is a relatively simple procedure.

How a surgery works

The goal of this surgical procedure is to relieve the patient’s pain by removing the source of that pain. The exact location of the nerve cluster needs to be determined. During surgery, the nerve bundles are removed via incisions above the toes. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia. Often, the patient can leave the clinic on the same day or remain for a day or two for observation.

After removal

The most common location of Morton’s neuroma is the space between the third and fourth toes. Typical symptoms of this type of condition are pain and a sensation of pressure, both of which usually occur after going for a long run. Before the surgery, your specialist will check for hypermobility of the mid-foot in order to rule out additional nerve damage that may have occurred. Morton’s neuroma cannot be diagnosed using an x-ray. The safest method of diagnosis is to undergo local anaesthesia in the area of pain – if the pain subsides, the probability of Morton’s neuroma is high.

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