Not only the method is a golden standard!

If the conservative treatment measures show in cases of proven herniated disc no positive effect and strong pains with impaired quality of life or even neurological signs with numbness or paralysis, a minimally invasive removal of the herniated disc is required. In addition to the “golden standard” method of microscopic removal of the disc material endoscopic method is more and more important.

Professor Dr. med. Lill is a specialist in the field of endoscopic disc surgery, you are not only safe with him, he also will tell you everything about all the details of the method and guide you step by step through the stages of treatment!


The goal of the endoscopic removal the disc material from behind is the mechanical relief of the oppressed nerve structures.
After a small incision an endoscope under X-ray control which corresponds to a provided with an optical system working shaft, is introduced to the herniated disc. With the help of micro-instruments, which introduces the operator via the endoscope, the leaked disc tissue is removed and thus relieves oppressed nerve structures. The technical procedure is controlled by the surgeon via a video monitor displaying him the interior of the surgical field high-resolution two-dimensional.
With this keyhole technique, a high precision of the surgical procedure is ensured while maintaining the stability of the spine erect.


The surgical trauma is kept very low because of the small operating access. With this minimally invasive procedure the surrounding structures are protected to a maximum. Thereby, the operation time is reduced, as well as the length of hospital stay and convalescence. The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia in the prone position, possibly even in a lateral position, and takes about 45 minutes. Already after a few hours is first started mobilizing with assistance.


In the first four weeks after surgical intervention, we recommend physical indulgence. This includes the wearing of a specially adapted hull corsets, which relieves the back and supports healing. After four weeks shall be commenced physiotherapy treatment measures under the guidance back to the core muscles to strengthen. This guarantees that you are able to promptly take the usual activities at work and play again. Depending on the physical load, the working capacity is six to eight weeks made after surgical intervention again.

An endoscopic disc aurgery is a difficult operation but the specialist Professor Dr. med. Lill has years of experience with! Arrange an appointment and start your therapie now!

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