Arthroscopic knee surgery: sophisticated technique for fast healing

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical technique that uses special surgical instruments, which are inserted through small incisions near the knee joint. These small incisions allow for faster healing but do require extensive experience on the part of the surgeon. Arthroscopic knee surgery is without a doubt one of the most modern and effective techniques used to treat a range of knee conditions. In addition a knee arthroscopy provides the patient with a number of advantages over open surgery.

Advantages and applications

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits of arthroscopic knee surgery is how gentle the operation is on the knee. Surgical instruments are inserted through incisions that are no more than one centimetre in length. Patients recover quickly from this type of surgery and have barely visible scarring, if at all. Knee arthroscopy is usually recommended for the following cases:

And many more.

Professor Lill

Knee arthroscopy using micro-instruments is a modern surgical procedure that offers patients a number of benefits. Only experienced orthopaedic surgeons use this technique as it may pose a challenge to the surgeon. Knee arthroscopy is not a challenge for Professor Lill, rather a part of his everyday repertoire. Whenever possible, this type of minimally invasive knee surgery will be used to reduce the burden on patients and promote fast healing.

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